Sunrise Trails: Community Living with Nature’s Best.


Natural Beauty

The preservation-minded developers of Sunrise Trails appreciate the natural beauty of the area. While there are groomed areas within the rural development, nature’s appeal is what sets this development apart from other subdivisions. Nature itself impresses residents and visitors alike. The river, the trees, the wetlands, the wildlife, the trails – it’s nature at its best, in your own backyard.

Rural Cluster Design

The Sunrise Trails development is owned by its residents. While homeowners are solely responsible for their own acreages, the rural cluster design creates a community of shared space – a hamlet, if you will – that includes open spaces and wooded areas for all to enjoy. Residents of Sunrise Trails enjoy the neighborhood feel without sacrificing privacy and personal space.

Community Septic

Many homes in Sunrise Trails share a community septic system (managed by the association). This innovative waste disposal system works more efficiently, reduces the potential for leakage, and helps keep ground water clean. Several lots are designed to have individual septic systems, for which homeowners are responsible.