Special Features

 “Once you see it, you’ll love it.” [Will Carlson. Owner/Developer]

Sunrise Trails is unlike any other development in Chisago County. It is a unique blend of neighborhood and nature that is unparalleled in the greater Twin Cities area.

Drive through anytime. Nature’s beauty is evident with one walk through the development. Mature and sapling trees populate the lots and trails: evergreen, fir, oak, maple, birch, and more. Wildlife flourishes, including a wide variety of birds that enjoy the wooded areas, but readily feed on homeowners’ feeders. Sand hill cranes nest near the ponds and wetlands that are part of the shared spaces within the development; bald eagles often soar overhead.

Additionally, Sunrise Trails offers special features such as:
  • A rural cluster design that offers both privacy and community living.

The concept of a rural cluster design begins with an understanding of preservation and conservation. This type of community doesn’t divide up all the land and sell it to individual owners; it creates a community – a hamlet, if you will – where each homeowner has a nicely sized piece of property, but also shares in the ownership of open spaces or wooded areas around it. Tomten Environmental of Marine on St. Croix (MN) provided the final design for the Sunrise Trails project.


In the late 1990s and early 2000s several communities in the Twin Cities metro area mandated cluster design developments in an effort to ward off back-to-back subdivisions with little or no open spaces. A community of this type promotes the neighborhood feel, creates a sense of ownership among residents, and maintains the natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

  • 50+ acres of shared space – protected land that will remain undeveloped – including wooded trails and open picnic and play areas, in addition to the wooded and open home sites that range from 1.6 to 5.4 acres.
  • An association-owned, environmentally sound waste disposal (septic) system that eliminates the expense and upkeep of individual septic systems on a number of the development’s lots. Several lots are designated for individual (homeowner maintained) septic systems.

The septic system in Sunrise Trails includes its own wastewater treatment facility and an efficient pumping system to which many of the lots/homes in the development are connected. Association dues, which vary by lot, cover the costs of the community septic system maintenance for those lots connected to it.

  • Natural gas – instead of the typical and more costly propane option found in most rural developments.

Read more on the Home Sites page. Call to set up a free and easy-going private tour of the development. See the beauty of Sunrise Trails and imagine your next home nestled in the picturesque and serene surroundings.